Four Steps to Improve Shop Phone Service

Jul 31, 2014

The presenter was Mike Haeg, director of business development at Century Interactive. Haeg contributes to various industry blogs, digital forums, and the Century interactive blog.

“There’s a really, really huge opportunity to be great, and that opportunity is in front of our service departments every day,” Haeg said. “The fastest way for your company to become great in revenue and services is to get better on the phone.”

During the seminar, Haeg suggested four methods to improve service:

1.     Answer the phone

Simple, but true. Customers don’t want to be put on hold, they don’t want to leave a message and they don’t want to be redirected multiple times. Consider cooperating with your team to make it a priority that every phone call in the service department gets answered within three rings by someone who is able to help. Showing that you are available and able to help comforts customers.

2.     Always introduce the company, your name and offer assistance

When customers call a service department, it’s often because they have a problem that is putting stress on them. Calmly providing your name, the dealer name and explicitly offering assistance will provide a human touch as a lifeline in a time of stress.

3.     Always offer the opportunity to do business

After the initial contact with a caller, make certain that you offer to set up an appointment or a check-in. Much business is missed simply because the service provider didn’t offer an opportunity to a willing customer.

4.     Make reminder calls

People are forgetful. If you have scheduled for a caller to come in, make sure and give them a call back as soon as the scheduled date nears. This will remind them of the appointment in case they forget, and also shows that you care about the business-customer interaction.

Carrying out these strategies becomes more effective if an entire team is on board. Getting a team to commit to prioritizing phone calls is perhaps the only way that a net can be woven to catch all the phone calls.

The webinar was hosted using DigiGo, a digital marketing company, and was organized by Rebecca Ward, marketing writer for KPA.