Ford Rotunda Approves CPS Automotive Single Hose Diagnostic Smoke Machine

Ford Motor Co.’s Rotunda has approved the Smart Pressure Plus All-in-One Diagnostic Smoke Machine from CPS Automotive.

The PLUS tests everything from tiny EVAP leaks to high pressure Turbo leaks with an advanced, single hose design, according to CPS Automotive. The Rotunda unit features STAR Inside technology, so it can use air or nitrogen for safer EVAP testing. It’s also designed to use UltraTraceUV the only OEM-approved, non-contaminating dye, and a high-pressure testing necessity.

“Rotunda has mandated Vacutec EVAP equipment since 2001,” said David Werthmann, Rotunda product engineer of dealer equipment and a 39-year Ford employee. “It started out with their EVAP diagnostic machine as an ESST, Essential Special Service Tool. Since then they have always been updating and making their equipment better and better each year. In my opinion Vacutec is the industry leader and provides unmatched State-of-the-art technology with their EVAP and high pressure diagnostic smoke machines.

“For example I said it would be great if there was one machine that could do both high-pressure and low-pressure leak testing,” Werthmann said. “They listened and their team came back with what I think is a really great machine and best on the market, the Smart Pressure Plus.”

“CPS Automotive acquired STAR EnviroTech and Vacutec in third quarter 2016,” said Chuck Abbott, vice president of automotive sales for CPS Products. “Since then, with our combined design, manufacturing and distribution strengths, we have closed over five major OEM agreements in the automotive and heavy-duty markets. Distributors can now bring our OEM-quality Diagnostic Smoke technology to the aftermarket shop.”

CPS Automotive is exhibiting at booth #1665 at the Oct. 31-Nov. 2 AAPEX Trade Show at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas. The company will present a full-range of automotive maintenance solutions including Diagnostic Smoke, AC Service Solutions, Fluid Service Equipment, and UV Leak Detection.

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