Ford brings EcoBoost engine production to Ohio to meet demand

Feb 27, 2013

Ford Motor Co. will invest nearly $200 million and add 450 jobs at its Cleveland Engine Plant in Brook Park, Ohio, to begin domestic production of its 2.0L, four-cylinder EcoBoost engine in 2014 to meet increased demand.

Ford had previously imported the 2.0L EcoBoost from its factory in Valencia, Spain, which will continue to produce the engine for Europe.

Ford said its EcoBoost engines will be offered in more than 90% of its North American nameplates this year and 95% by 2015, as reported by Bradford Wernle of Automotive News.

The 2.0L EcoBoost to be built in Cleveland is now available for the Ford Explorer, Edge, Escape, Fusion, Focus ST and Taurus, and the Lincoln MKZ and MKT Livery. The engine also will likely be offered for the Lincoln MKC crossover, which will arrive in late 2013 or early 2014.

Joe Hinrichs, Ford president for the Americas, said the No. 1 reason for the production shift is increased demand for the EcoBoost engines. He also mentioned the expense of shipping the engines from Spain.

Not only will moving production of the engines save Ford money, but Michael Omotoso, senior manager of global powertrain for LMC Automotive, said the decision also makes sense for the automaker when considering the future corporate average fuel economy standards.

“Ford needs all the fuel-efficient engines they can get. If the 2.0 can replace some V-6s and get better fuel economy, it makes sense for Ford to do that,” Omotoso said. “It should be good for their bottom line because they charge a premium for the EcoBoost. If they lower their production costs and can still charge a premium, it will help boost their profits.”

The Cleveland Engine Plant was the first Ford plant to build EcoBoost engines. Production of the engines began in 2009, and the automaker celebrated the production of its 500,000th in November 2012.