Firm Seeks Crowdfunding for Electric Supercar

Jan 20, 2016

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Dubuc Motors, headquartered in Newark, Deleware, said it will be the first electric vehicle company to launch its electric supercar, the Tomahawk, through an equity crowdfunding platform, StartEngine. Dubuc Motors is hoping to produce a 2+2 all-electric supercar.

“Nearly 15 years ago, we decided to combine our automotive passion with a stubborn belief that a cleaner and more viable way of producing cars was possible. Our commitment and dedication along with exhaustive R&D and numerous prototypes has led us here today,” said Mike Kakogiannakis, co-founder of Dubuc Motors. “The Tomahawk embodies ingenuity and furthermore is a great vehicle to drive and promote our engagement towards sustainable development.”

Dubuc will test the waters with a funding campaign on the StartEngine equity crowdfunding platform beginning this week, according to the company.

The proposed Tomahawk, according to Dubuc, features:

  • An “American” look
  • Max speed 160 mph
  • Panoramic roof
  • 0-60 in 3 seconds
  • Scissor doors
  • Universal chassis, cab-forward design
  • All aluminum sport double wishbone suspension front and rear
  • Flat undercarriage
  • Adjustable air suspension ride height and comfort
  • Aluminum tube and monocoque structure
  • Low gravity center/Traction and stability control
  • Bonded chassis technology
  • Twin motors front and rear
  • All aluminum construction
  • All-wheel drive
  • Single speed transmission
  • R-gate driver technology
  • Liquid cooled
  • Four-quadrant operation
  • Simple dual ECM
  • Low electro-magnetic audible noise
  • 3-phase power
  • Low-cogging torque for better NVH
  • Outer rotor topology for maximum torque density
  • 3-phase EMI filter
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Media and inputs
  • Live 360-degree cameras
  • Personalized settings and controls
  • Handsfree voice activated commands
  • Onboard computer
  • Navigation
  • Periodic software updates
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Advanced collision/troubleshooting warnings