FERTAN Rust Remover Hits the Market

Jan 28, 2016

CRP Automotive offers its new FERTAN Rust Remover as a solution for rust on all types of metals.

FERTAN Rust Remover is a water-based, non-toxic, and non-flammable rust treatment that quickly dissolves rust from all types of metals and leaves a clean metal surface that is ready for a protective coating application, according to the company. It is ideal for rustproofing and maintenance on any material that is susceptible to rust.

FERTAN Rust Remover is available in a liquid and gel formulation. The liquid formula can be diluted up to a 1:10 ratio and effectively re-used several times, accord to CRP Automotive. FERTAN Rust Remover is also available in a gel formula that can be applied directly to metal surfaces. The solution washes away easily with water.

In addition to FERTAN Rust Remover, CRP Automotive also offers FERTAN Rust Converter, a non-toxic product that converts loose rust to a powder that can be easily washed away, leaving a stable, inert surface that is safe from further rusting and can be painted, according to the company. FERTAN Rust Converter can be applied to cavities such as doors and trunk lids.