EPWI Big in Houston

Mar 8, 2015

Engine Performance Warehouse (EPWI) has acquired Texas Performance in Houston.

With the acquisition and the purchases of the Texas Performance building, EPWI has more than doubled its square footage in Houston, according to a press release.

“This will allow us to significantly expand our inventory stocking and add new product lines to better serve our Houston area customers,” the company noted. “We have moved our previous Houston warehouse to the new location and are now fully operational in the larger facility.”

The new Houston branch warehouse address is 8302 Jet Pilot Street.

EPWI has also added three new suppliers and products lines:

  • Thermo-Tec & Cool-It-(heat management products)
  • Aeromotive-(fuel system products)
  • Powermaster Performance-(rotating electrical components)

“EPWI strives to give our customers both choices and one-stop-shopping on all the parts they need,” the company added. “We feel that these new lines will add to our overall product offering and make it easier to get all of your engine parts from one single source.”