Engine and Transmission Firm Orders Seventh Sunnen SV-20 Honing System and First SH-4000

Dec 2, 2015

Sunnen Products Co. has recently completed an order for several honing machines from Jasper Engines & Transmissions, including the SV-20 and SH-4000 models, as well as necessary tooling and abrasives. Jasper now has a total of seven SV-20 engine-block honing machines at its plants in Jasper and Crawford County, Indiana, and Willow Springs, Missouri.

In addition, the company is using Sunnen’s new SH-4000 horizontal honing machine for honing turbocharger housings, a new and growing segment of the business.

Jasper is the largest mass re-manufacturer of a diverse line of drivetrain components in the U.S., according to the company. Products include gas and diesel engines, transmissions and differentials, diesel fuel and air components, along with stern drives, outboard lower units and power heads.

Sunnen has sold more than 80 SV-20 honing machines since the product’s release in 2013, after a development program that included strong input from Jasper.

“We developed this machine for production engine re-manufacturers, custom engine builders and race teams, so it includes a wish-list of features that’s a hit with this market, thanks to suggestions provided by the Jasper team,” said Bob Dolder, automotive sales and application manager for Sunnen.

“The SV-20’s pure vertical stroke, combined with high spindle power and the eight-stone diamond tool, produces bore roundness, straightness, shape and form that are as good as factory original-and it’s quick. Machines with the rocker-type stroker do a commendable job, but they cannot match the cylindricity produced by the SV-20,” Dolder added. “Moreover, the programmability of the SV-20 gives Jasper more flexibility in assigning operators because the machine retains the ‘recipes’ for all the different blocks, minimizing the need for operator input. Spindle reversal is another new feature on these machines. This, too, enhances bore roundness and surface finish, and helps keep the honing stones dressed.”