Enerpulse, Green Bridge Technologies Join Forces

Oct 20, 2014

Enerpulse Technologies, Albuquerque, has signed an exclusive Alternative Fuel Vehicle Distributor Agreement with Green Bridge Technologies LLC.

Under the terms of the agreement, the exclusivity covers the mobile alternative fuel market, which includes CNG, LPG, LNG and E85 for a period of five years in the North America and Caribbean markets, according to a press release.

Lou Camilli, president of Enerpulse Technologies, says the company is excited about the opportunity to work with Green Bridge Technologies and its affiliates-a fleet solution provider throughout North America.

“Affiliate companies of Green Bridge Technologies are leading providers of propane, autogas and natural gas conversion systems and installations for vehicle fleets,” Camilli said. “Green Bridge Technologies’ unparalleled expertise in alternative-fueled engines and the vehicle fleet sector makes them an ideal partner to widely deploy Pulstar with PlasmaCore technology in this rapidly growing market segment.”

Green Bridge Technologies partners have over 80 years global experience in alternative fuels and the fleet vehicle sector, the release noted, while Enerpulse is the maker of Pulstar spark plugs.

“Enerpulse’s Pulstar with Plasma Core spark plugs have demonstrated fuel savings of up to 6 percent in which, if implemented fleet-wide in AltFuel applications, would result in over $200,000,000 in fuel savings annually. Additionally, Pulstar technology increases engine torque and reduces NOx emissions by up to 20 percent. We are anxious for our customers to experience these benefits,” says Dominik Perpetuini general manager for Green Bridge Technologies.