Electronics Distributor Alliance Plans April Meeting

Mar 24, 2016

The Elite Distributor Alliance will hold a national meeting in April. The meeting-themed integrate-will include face time with a limited number of target vendors aimed at solid and intense information sharing.

The meeting is set for April 23-25 at the Hollywood Casino in St. Louis.

“We are laser-focused on developing value add business relationships with vendors where there is ‘real fit’ with respective goals and methods of the vendor and the EDA,” said Josh Eatherly of P&E Distributors, who serves as president of the Elite Distributor Alliance. “Of course current vendors are included in the agenda, but those business activities have launched and are largely successful for both EDA and the vendors of record.”

The meeting agenda will include a focus on more tightly integrating the members into a strong momentum purchasing and selling machine, with the purpose of adding a good deal of predictability into the business planning and plan execution of EDA members, vendors of record and as important retailer customers of the EDA members, according to the group.

“We have been doing this for over thirty years and have been rather successful,” said Howard Feldman of RJR Distributor, the newest member of the Elite Distributor Alliance. “We joined the EDA in order to help insure our continued success. I am particularly interested in the sharing of best practices that these well respected guys bring to the party.”

In addition, the alliance is expected to embark on a plan to expand the member’s customer base.

“No doubt,” said David Orr from Sunbelt Distributors, “we have the ability to deliver our products and services to more retailers in other channels than where our traditional focus has been placed.”

In accordance with the meeting’s theme of integration, the alliance recognizes the expanding importance of the integration products category and intends to bring more focus to that category for its member distributors.