Dually’s Message is to ‘Burn Out Cancer’

Oct 6, 2017

For the third year in a row, Covercraft will team up with Finish Line Speed Shop to showcase a custom vehicle in the name of charity at the 2017 SEMA Show.

The 1967 Burn Out Cancer GMC C30 dually will grace the show floor this year in honor of people close to the builder who have battled the disease.

“Our family, like so many others, has dealt with pain and suffering related to cancer”, said Lyon McClenahan, owner of Finish Line Speed Shop. “We have had close friends and family members who have either succumbed to the disease or are still in the fight against it. We wanted to build a truck that emphasized their determination and strength.”

Close family friend Dana Colon is currently battling through her third bout with breast cancer and provides an enormous amount of inspiration for Finish Line, McClenahan reveled. Meanwhile, four years ago, family friend Kevin Veach was diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer, also known as Kahler’s disease, and is waging a courageous battle as well.

McClenahan was almost 8-years-old when his dad, Tom, passed away due to complications from brain cancer. He was 34.

One of Lyon’s favorite stories about his dad reveals the “never-let-anything-stop-you”, stubborn streak possessed by both he and his father.

As a teenager, Tom, crashed his father’s 1958 Ford truck. Tom taught himself to do the bodywork and paint to fix it himself. The candy apple red pickup became one his most prized possessions.

Finish Line Speed Shop and Project Giving Back are showcasing the Burn Out Cancer GMC at the SEMA Show in honor of these fighters and others with the disease. Proceeds will go to the world-renowned Fred Hutch Center Research Center in Seattle.

Covercraft will host the Burn Out Cancer GMC in booth #23343.