Doors Open at Meyer Distributing Oklahoma City Cross-Dock

Jun 20, 2014

“We will improve frequency and time of delivery to our customers with this cross-dock,” said Cale Rees, general manager of Dallas operations for Meyer. “Cities such as Oklahoma City, Altus, Okla., Lawton, Okla., Wichita Falls, Texas, and Duncan, Okla, are just a few that will benefit from the new facility.”

“We are finalizing the last of our strategic logistical moves in the South Central U.S.,” said Jeff Braun, CFO of Meyer. “This delivery improvement, coupled with our impending move to a fully stocked 325,000-square-foot distribution facility in Dallas, will allow our customers in all categories to benefit greatly—from exhaust to truck equipment, to jeep and 4×4, to our traditional truck accessory base.”