Do You Know What Your Customers Want?

EDITOR’S NOTE: Jesse Kramer-marketing expert and VP of marketing for Horsham, Pennsylvania-based AWE Tuning-has developed a series of articles on small business branding, crafted specifically for aftermarket shops. This is the second installment of the five article series. Click to read past installments on establishing brand vision and brand positioning.

Now that you know what your customers want, can you bring it?

I love this step because it’s third in line but most put it first. It can not be first. It has to be third.

Remember the Newton from Apple? How about the Arch Deluxe from McDonald’s. Zune? What about Coors…sparkling water? The list goes on (this is a great list).

I don’t want to detract from trying things, because I love to fail fast (as opposed to slow-”I don’t particularly like to fail, contrary to every trendy startup book, failing is not really that great).

This step is about perpetually going back to your customer base to ensure you are making what they dream about. Over and over. Forever. It will inform both new product designs and services, and it will determine feature sets required to make big wins.

The point is, you absolutely MUST start with the first two steps-”(know where you’re going (vision), know who cares (positioning), to determine what you are making, otherwise, who is going to buy it?)

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