DEI Release New Packaging for F&T II

Jul 31, 2014

The front panel prominently features the colorful DEI flame logo and a large die cut window. Customers can now physically feel the quality of the product. The 4-inch by 4-inch by 22 inch package also now features a hang tag to provide flexibility for use with most plan-o-grams or retail shelving. Multiple color photos have been incorporated on both side panels to show potential product use on one side, and on the opposite, a visual step-by-step guide for installation.

F&T II was developed as an extreme heat barrier for automotive, marine and RV applications, according to DEI. F&T II protects up to 1750 degrees Fahrenheit, making it usable on fire walls, transmission tunnels, floor boards, above header collectors and exhaust pipes, fuel cells, motorcycle fairings or heat collecting marine and RV engine compartments.

F&T II is currently available in two sizes: 3.5 square feet or 7 square feet; respectively 21-by-24 inches or 21-by-48 inches.