DEI ONYX Series Turbo Shield Now Available for T-4 Turbochargers

Aug 17, 2016

DEI’s ONYX Series Turbo Shield is now available for many popular OEM and aftermarket T-4 sized turbos, including units by Garrett and Mitsubishi.

DEI’s ONYX Series Turbo Shield was first introduced for the GT22 and GT25 turbocharger, developed for extreme heat protection, quick spool up time and maximum turbo performance. The ONYX Series Shield maintains a more consistent temperature in the turbo for increased efficiency and decreased turbo lag, according to DEI.

The ONYX Series shield features the company’s most heat resistant textiles and its highest grade silica liner for extreme heat protection. Recognizable for its rich, black carbon fiber look, the made-in-the-U.S. shield comes with newly designed stainless steel attachment anchors and is constructed with double reinforced seams, inside and out, according to DEI.

Additionally, DEI offers the ONYX Series T4 Shield for purchase as a kit that includes 2-inch by 25-foot roll of black wrap and eight 14-inch stainless steel zip ties, 5-feet of fastening wire.

For more information about the T4 ONYX Series Turbo Shield (Part No. 010181) and Turbo Shield Kit (Part No. 010182), visit:, call DEI at 800-264-9472, or e-mail: [email protected].