DEI Marks 20 Years

Jun 29, 2015

Design Engineering Inc. is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Formed in 1995 by Dale and Nancy Markley, the company continues to expand and thrive under the leadership of their son, David Markley, according to a press release.

Over two decades, DEI has designed and developed a multitude of thermal protection materials and products. Now employing 30 people at the company’s main headquarters in Avon Lake, Ohio, its lineup includes Boom Mat, DEI Powersports, Ny-Trex nitrous oxide performance systems, Radiator Relief performance coolant additives and CryO2 cryogenic intake systems.

In celebration of the company’s 20th anniversary, DEI has produced a video currently featured on its YouTube channel that provides a historical perspective of how DEI was formed and how it has evolved into a worldwide business with sales across a broad variety of markets.

The video captures the company’s earliest origins operating in Dale’s garage, to space rented behind a convenience store, to its present 24,000-square-foot headquarters on four acres.

“How time flies,” said David Markley, DEI president. “Looking back, I attribute our success to our fantastic team and a heaping dose of good luck. Our employees are 100-percent committed to Design Engineering and to providing the best possible customer experience every time. We are also blessed to operate in an industry made up of really good people. In 20 years of business we’ve only had to write off three bad debts! I don’t know of another industry that can claim such integrity. It has been a great ride. Even now, we are eyeing additional expansion to meet demand. I can’t wait to see what the next 20 years brings.”

DEI sponsors a variety of industry and motorsports events including the Hot Rodders of Tomorrow, Craftsman Restoration Rollout, the Circle Track Great American Racing Series and Martino Motorsports, while also supporting many racers across a broad mix of motorsports events through the company’s Team DEI program.