Deadline Approaching for Transportation Innovation Awards

May 3, 2016

ITS America’s Best of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Awards competition annually recognizes organizations that have implemented the most advanced transportation projects in the transportation and technology industries. The program aims to distinguish organizations whose projects demonstrate specific and measurable outcomes and exemplify innovation.

ITS America will award a Best Partnership Project winner in the following three categories:

Wheels & Things

Wheels and Things focuses on all things using, altering or creating new intelligent transportation system technologies. The car, the bike, the bus, the metro, the truck, the train, even the drone. Connectivity plus interaction equals smart city. What are the policy issues around security? People who want to move and stuff that needs to be moved self-identify, broadcast, and serve as passive information generators within the network.

Infrastructure of Things

Infrastructure of Things focuses on all the stuff the Wheels & Things interact with: the physical hardware, like lights and poles, signs, medians, loops, the network backbone, wireline, wireless 4G, 5G, DSRC, LTE, LTE-Direct, also known as the “middleware,” or the glue of the intelligent transportation system. What will traffic management look like? What is scalable? What are the technical security issues? How will deep learning create new infrastructure?

Show Me The Money!

Show Me The Money! focuses on what the future ITS backend will look like. Is it the cloud? Who’s cloud? Seamless payment systems, billing, customer relationship management, identity, network management are all in play. What are app developers thinking? What’s happening in traditional insurance? In financing? Public agencies taking on private ideas. It’s the money-private and public-making it all happen.

Eligibility Requirements and Criteria

  • All submissions are due to ITS America by May 20. Submissions should use the subject line “ATTN: Rachel Rettberg – Best of ITS Awards” and be emailed to
  • Only ITS America members are eligible for consideration. Entries may include multiple project partners, but only ITS America members will receive formal recognition
  • Only projects implemented in North America will be considered
  • Only entries for projects deployed in the 2015 or 2016 calendar year will be considered
  • Entries should be detailed enough to present the merits of the entry but should not exceed 3,000 words
  • All award applications must highlight a business-to-business, government-to-government, or public-private cross-jurisdictional and/or multi-disciplinary partnership that resulted in a successful ITS project that demonstrates the impact of ITS on both the present and the future
  • Entrants may submit more than one project in the overall awards competition, but only one project per category

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