Curt Manufacturing Releases More Educational Videos

May 8, 2013

Curt Manufacturing, a towing products manufacturer based in Eau Claire, Wis., posted its 141th video on the company’s YouTube page.

Curt has developed and filmed how-to, product feature and installation videos for its YouTube page since 2009. The goal is to educate its consumers about its products, provide walk-through installations, and be the most trusted source for towing-related questions, according to the company.

“Although we are creating many types of videos, a common facet of all productions is information,” said Martin Cuccia-Nilsen, director and videographer of all Curt videos. “We want to educate and engage our audience. New content is continuously being created.”

The videos can be played in-store for customers to see and used for reference by installers. Companies offering Curt products are urged to use the videos on their own websites as marketing tools. The video also improves search engine results, helping drive traffic to Curt dealers, according to the company.

The “Where to Buy” page also directs customers to Curt dealers.

Curt has more than 160,000 YouTube video views and will continue to release new videos weekly.

Click here for full access to Curt’s YouTube page.