Cummins Celebrates 2 Million Ram Engines

Jan 3, 2013

Cummins Inc., Auburn Hills, Mich., has produced it two-millionth diesel engine for Ram Trucks, highlighting the latest milestone in a partnership that spans four decades.

“The Ram Truck-Cummins diesel partnership is one of the industry’s most enduring and certainly fitting of such a tribute,” says Fred Diaz, president and CEO of Ram Truck Brand and Chrysler de Mexico, in a press release from Chrysler Group. “Both companies have benefited greatly, but Ram diesel customers are the real beneficiaries. Every day they experience the toughness and capability a Cummins-powered Ram can deliver.”

The 350-hp, 6.7-liter, inline 6-cylinder turbo diesel is distinguished by its “Cummins Red” rocker cover and breather. With its 800 foot-pounds peak torque rating, the historic engine will go on display in a tour of the United States.

“I am immensely proud of our association with Cummins,” says Bob Lee, Chrysler Group VP and head of engine and electrified propulsion engineering. “And I have no qualms matching our truck diesels against those of any competitor for performance and durability.”

Cummins began supply engines to Chrysler in 1988. Today in North America, only Ram-brand pickups and chassis cabs feature the coveted Cummins “C” logo.

The Chrysler-Cummins partnership actually began in 1985, when development work began on a 5.9-liter, 12-valve, inline 6-cylinder turbo diesel. When it launched in 1989, it had 160 hp and 400 foot-pounds of peak torque, less than half the numbers for today’s High-Output 6.7-liter Cummins turbo diesel, the release stated.