Coverking Teams Up with Ford and Hyundai Image Vehicle Builders

Oct 9, 2017

Image vehicles in the Ford booth will be covered and unveiled with customized Coverking Satin Stretch car covers during the 2017 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

The car cover company has teamed up with Neil Tjin, president of the Tjin Edition RoadShow, and Billy Longfellow, VP design and engineering at Airdesign USA-who are each creating two Ford image vehicles for the show-providing Coverking Satin Stretch car covers that they customized to uniquely brand and protect their special vehicles.

Tjin and Longfellow are veteran project builders and created their covers using Coverking’s design tool found on the company website, adding their company logos and specific color patterns to showcase the vehicles and their brands.

“Coverking’s Satin Stretch car covers offer the perfect way for us to protect and showcase our vehicles until they are unveiled at the SEMA Show,” said Tjin. “We drive these vehicles, so the Satin Stretch covers provide excellent protection during and after the show.”

The form-fitting Lycra covers feature a soft liner that won’t scratch and protects the vehicle from dust and dirt. Elasticized edges with matching mirror and antenna pockets keep the cover tight on the vehicles.

“These covers help make the unveiling of our vehicles in the Ford booth that much more exciting,” said Longfellow. “These are one-off, 2018-model vehicles that we customized, and we want to protect them during transport and even while parked at an event. The quality of these covers gives us the professional appearance we need. It’s like wearing a nice suit-you look better with it on.”

The Tjin Edition 2018 Ford Focus RS and F-150 SuperCrew, as well as the Airdesign 2018 Ford Mustang and F-150 pickup will be on display Oct. 31-Nov. 3 in the Ford Motor Co. booth #22200.