Covercraft Covers Rare Cars

Jun 6, 2015

Before the Petersen Museum Vault was closed to facilitate the museum’s historic renovation project, officials turned to Covercraft Industries for custom-fit vehicle covers.

Covercraft partnered with Kimberly-Clark to donate more than 100 custom made covers for the Vault’s world-renowned vehicle collection, according to a press release.

“I appreciate the extreme care that is required to protect a rare vehicle collection of this kind,” said Marty Lichtmann, president of Covercraft. “We worked directly with Kimberly-Clark on this project. We agreed that the Block-it Dustop fabric would be best, since it’s the thickest, most dust-resistant and softest material we offer for interior vehicle protection.”

The covers were made only after identifying the vehicles in the collection that would require covers, and investing nearly a year making personal visits to the Vault to measure each vehicle on the list, the company noted. Every cover was silkscreened with a logo and marked with custom embroidery to identify the vehicle type, year, make and model.

Each also included a customized storage bag to be used when the vehicle was on display.

“Covercraft covers were the perfect solution for our rare Vault vehicle collection,” said Dana Williamson, collection director for the Petersen Museum. “It was extremely important to us that the car covers we used were breathable, soft and protective. The Vault has to be ventilated, so the vehicles have to be protected from dust, dirt and other particulate matter found in both internal and external air sources. Breathability of the cover was also critical. Many of these vehicles still have the original paint, and we had to be certain there would be no issues with condensation underneath the cover.”

According to the museum, examples of vehicles currently located in the Vault include a one-of-one 1925/34 “Round Door” Rolls-Royce Phantom I Aerodynamic Coupe; a Ferrari formerly owned by Henry Ford II, who had received the car from Enzo Ferrari as a gift; a rare Jaguar XKSS formerly owned by actor Steve McQueen; and a 1939 Bugatti received by the Shah of Iran as a wedding gift.

The Vault also includes one of only three 24-karat gold-plated DeLoreans ever made, as well as a 1967 Ford GT40 Mark III-one of three that were built but never raced.

“The Covercraft covers also protected the vehicles from something we didn’t foresee-bits of concrete and debris falling from the ceiling onto the vehicles from the jackhammers being used on the floor above during renovation,” Williamson added. “The covers performed beautifully even under these circumstances, and they fit like a glove.”