Chrysler reopening of Michigan engine plant to keep 268 jobs

Jun 15, 2011

Chrysler Group LLC reported June 15 that it will invest $114 million and partially reopen a Michigan engine plant, retaining 268 jobs.

Chrysler will repurpose about one-fifth of the Trenton North engine plant to make parts for the Pentastar engine made at the Trenton South plant.

The plant was closed in May, but need for the parts increased as Chrysler replaces seven V-6 engines with the new Pentastar V-6 engine.

“This investment has also given Trenton North, which has been building engines for nearly 60 years, a new lease on life,” said Harlow, head of powertrain manufacturing.

According to Chrysler’s website, the plant once employed 579 people, including 531 hourly workers.

Chrysler said it has has spent $3.2 billion on its U.S. plants since June 2009.