Chevy II Nova Two-Door Hardtop Bodies Production Begins

Sep 20, 2016

Production of the steel 1966-1967 Chevy II Nova two-door hardtop started Sept. 20 at Real Deal Steel headquarters in Sanford, Florida.

This new addition to Real Deal Steel’s lineup of classic replacement bodies will be assembled from the same factory-spec steel components used throughout the company’s product line. The high-tech welding techniques and proprietary assembly fixtures produce a body that matches exact factory specs and accepts all original trim pieces, according to the company

Approximately 60 individual steel components are used to assemble the hardtop bodies. Prices on the Nova bodies range from $11,600 for bare skeletons to $16,400 for a fully optioned body, according to Real Deal Steel.

Because the 1966-1967 Novas utilized a unibody/front-subframe design, a wide array of aftermarket options (as well as stock front assemblies) allow customers to build their favorite Nova hardtop, from bone-stock to pro-touring or old-school gasser styles.

The Real Deal Steel bodies can be ordered with wider rear wheel wells to accept larger wheel/tire combos as well as floors set up for bench or bucket seats and floor shift automatic or standard, according to the company.

Body No. 1 will be displayed at the Real Deal Steal booth at SEMA this fall.

For pricing and estimated production schedules, contact Real Deal Steel directly at 407-585-1957 or visit