CargoGlide VP Speaks of Company Culture, History and Success

Sep 5, 2014

McInturf pulled the company together in 2010 after years of experience manufacturing and distributing aftermarket accessories. Some of the original members of the company include Brad Harrell and Patrick Williams.

“One thing I’m good at is finding people smarter than me to make things work,” McInturf said. “What happened next is we worked our brains out. We worked very hard for several years. We would work night and day, weekends, you name it. We had so much energy going into this company.

“Then as things progressed we got more and more accounts, we got more activity, we hired more people as we were able to. We built and moved into new facilities. It just kept expanding.”

CargoGlide has quadrupled its growth in the past year, according to McInturf. The company moved to a larger location this year, but has already grown to fill its entire space once more. The company has also reached into the global market, reaching countries such as Australia and New Zealand.

McInturf attributes the company’s success to the quality of the people within it.

“We have all these brilliant people,” McInturf said. “That’s what I think largely sets up apart is the unique folks we have here, but also the fact that we’re very organized, we’re procedure driven. We’re able to accomplish a lot, we have the resources to do it.”

The same people who are committed to making the company thrive are also committed to each other. Even as the company has grown, it has kept a culture that is the result of a close-knit community.

“We really look out for each other. If somebody’s ill, if somebody’s having problems, we know about it, we talks about it and we seek out to help that person,” McInturf said. “It is very much a family culture here.”

CargoGlide will be appearing at seven trade shows in the upcoming year, including the Las Vegas shows in October.