Cabbage Patch Kids Connect Children to Ridler Award Winner

Mar 18, 2016

Artist entrepreneur Xavier Roberts, creator of the Cabbage Patch Kids, continues to look for ways for families to share new interests and experiences together, including through the appreciation of cars. Tammy Ray’s talents are a good place to start. Ray, who won the 2010 Detroit Autorama Ridler Award, appeared during a car show at BabyLand General Hospital in Cleveland, Georgia, on Saturday. She served as a judge for new, antique and custom cars on display as hospital staff encouraged the kids to check out the cars. Tully Johnstone, a longtime competitor on the International Auto Circuit, also served as a judge.

Ray was first female to win the prestigious Ridler Award for her customized 1933 Ford Phaeton, named the Gold Digger. Co-owner of Crisson Gold Mines in Dahlonega, Georgia, Ray’s interest in hot rods started more than 25 years ago with her husband’s 1965 Falcon.