Bonneville Racers Launch Clean-Up Campaign

The Save the Salt Coalition and Utah Alliance have begun a volunteer salt clean-up program called Saving Bonneville One Wheel at a Time, according to SEMA. As vehicles exit the Bonneville Salt Flats, drivers will have a chance to stop and scrape-off salt from wheel wells, bumpers and undercarriages. The clean-off area will be located where the access road ends at the salt crust.

The Bonneville Salt Flats is a unique land formation in northwestern Utah with a hard salt crust that is perfect for both speed and safety. However, the once-13-mile race track is now less than eight miles due to salt erosion. The Coalition/Alliance is working with government officials and adjoining mine owners to replenish the Salt Flats through a comprehensive salt-brine pumping program.

The Save the Salt Coalition, of which SEMA is a founding member, is comprised of automotive and motorsports companies and organizations with a vested interest in restoring the Bonneville Salt Flats. It is a collaborative effort with the Utah Alliance-a volunteer Utah-based advocacy group with expertise and contacts at the local level.

The One Wheel at a Time program allows racing enthusiasts to do their part in helping protect Bonneville. The program will be sponsored by the venue’s four sanctioning bodies, the Southern California Timing Association, Utah Salt Flats Racing Association, Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials and Land Speed Events.

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