Billy Boat Exhaust Launches New Website

Aug 17, 2016

Phoenix-based Billy Boat Exhaust has unveiled a new website,

The site provides quick and easy vehicle application lookup for an extensive selection of products ranging from classic Porsches to late-model Corvettes. It offers simplified site navigation and a modern design, according to the company.

“Much like major vehicle manufacturers do, Billy Boat has been taking the knowledge of racing experience and applying those technologies into everyday products. While constantly innovating new ways to extract optimal power and performance from exhaust systems, he stays acutely aware of customers’ practical needs of no-drone products that can be enjoyed with everyday use,” the company stated.

New website features include full multi-view product galleries. Additional diagrams and instructions are also available to help answer any questions, and some applications also include videos.

“A vastly updated site from its previous version, the new BBE website promises to be an intimate interaction between customers, installers and manufacturer. In the coming months you’ll get a glimpse of the backend of this family-owned business. Striving to eliminate the corporate curtain between manufacturer and end-user, BBE wants you to experience the hand craftsmanship involved in making each and every one of their products,” the company added.