Bedslide Promotes Ayres to Full Partner

Sep 30, 2013

Bedslide/Takit, a manufacturer of truck accessories based in Medford, Ore., has recently promoted Joel Ayres, its vice president of sales for the past two years, to full partnership.

With nearly 40 years of experience in the aftermarket truck accessories business, Ayres will play an integral role in helping Bedslide meet its goals for the future, according to the company.

Ayres’ experience includes general manager of a manufacturing operation, overseeing a chain of retail stores, as well as being in charge of distribution and warehouse operations. For more than19 years, Ayres worked as national marketing director for Truck Accessories Group (TAG), which owns a variety of national brands including Leer, Pace Edwards, Raider and State Wide Aluminum.

Ayres met Dan Marshall, Bedslide president, while working on a project for TAG.  Impressed by Ayres’ experience, wisdom and pedigree, Marshall invited him to join the Bedslide team as vice president of sales, according to Bedslide/Takit.

“I joined Bedslide because I was greatly impressed with the product, the marketing tools that they had developed and their enthusiasm regarding their future,” Ayres said. “We all share a vision and belief in the extraordinary potential of this company. Plus, the fact that I’ve never had more fun on the job makes Bedslide a perfect fit professionally and personally.”

Bedslide/Takit plans to unveil its product design and marketing efforts within the next year, the company said. With the addition of Jason Ehrlich, chief marketing officer and partner, Ayres is free to focus his extensive skills o national retail and specialty market sales.

“Joel has proven to be a very valuable resource for the company, not just through his wisdom, experience and connections, which will certainly help us meet our goals for growth, but also Joel’s character,” Marshall said. “His passion is giving back to the community. He’s done a lot of work with foundations and children-focused charities. We’re honored and excited to have him with us in this new capacity.”

Ayres also chaired numerous committees while sitting on the Board of Directors of SEMA; he was named SEMA Person of the Year in 2006.

“Joel is an icon in the industry and revered by all those who know him,” Marshall said. “Walking around SEMA with Joel is a little bit like walking around an all-girl junior high with Justin Bieber.”