BASF’s Heat Resistant Plastic Debuts on Alfa Romeo Turbocharger System

May 16, 2017

By 2020, predictions indicate that 70 percent of light vehicles worldwide will use turbocharged engine technology. As a result, BASF is introducing the use of its Ultramid Endure polyamide with high heat aging resistance up to 220 degrees Celsius in these engines.

There are two new powertrain applications utilizing the company’s high-heat resistant Endure thermoplastics: the air intake manifold with integrated charge air cooler; and hot-side turbo duct. Both debut on the 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia with the new 2-liter GME engine.

Most standard thermoplastics cannot maintain desired performance under the high heat and pressure developed in a turbocharged engine, which is why BASF developed the Ultramid Endure portfolio of engineered resins. The Endure grades offer high heat aging resistance, good processability, excellent weld line strength and are available for production in North America, Europe, and Asia to support global OEM programs, according to BASF.

The Ultramid Endure portfolio can be used in many air induction applications of the turbocharged system, including the air intake manifold, charge-air ducts, resonators, intercooler end caps and throttle bodies. It can also achieve long-term service temperatures of 220 degrees celsius, and withstand peak temperatures of 240 degrees Celsius. Its notable heat aging behavior results from an innovative stabilization system, which greatly reduces oxygen attack on the polymer surface.

“We predict that about 20 percent of all turbocharger applications will require a high-heat resistant plastic as engine temperatures increase due to downsizing,” said Mike Chiandussi, powertrain market segment specialist at BASF. “BASF is able to deliver not only the innovative materials necessary for these applications, but also the design and welding expertise and know-how to ensure that suppliers and automakers can incorporate them successfully into their turbocharger system parts.”

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