AWE Focus
AWE Tuning is entering the Ford Focus market with a line of exhaust and intake products.

AWE Enters the Ford Focus Market

AWE’s growth continues with the addition of its 10th major segment entry, the Ford Focus.

The brand has announced new products for both the Mk3 Focus RS and Focus ST.

“The RS and ST are absolute blasts to drive, and we’ve loved getting to know them. This new line of exhausts, as well as soon-to-come carbon fiber intakes, take our unique precision engineering formulas and apply them to this hot hatch segment,” said Jesse Kramer, AWE Tuning VP of marketing.

The line will initially incorporate exhaust systems in three variants: AWE’s Touring Edition which brings sophisticated tones across the rpm range; the SwitchPath valved system (first made popular on AWE’s Audi R8 exhaust), which offers sound-variation at the touch of an included remote; and the Track Edition, which offers a consistently aggressive note.

AWE will soon offer racing-only carbon fiber intakes as well as as part of its S-FLO Carbon Fiber Intake line.

“From the refined performance of our Touring Editions, to our unchained Track Editions, to the future carbon fiber intake line, we’re excited to bring our products to the Focus market,” Kramer added.

The product line will be launched in partnership with CJ Pony Parts, which will lead the ecommerce sales channel.

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