Avery Dennison Hopes it Wraps a Winner in 2014 America Solar Challenge

Jul 16, 2014

This year’s race begins on July 21 in Austin, Texas and finishes in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The MPI 1005 Supercast Easy Apply RS and DOL 1360 overlaminate by Avery Dennison have been applied to the car and are intended to maintain airflow efficiency. The Supercast is a digitally printable pressure-sensitive vinyl that is repositionable and slideable, making car wrap application easy, according to Avery Dennison. In addition, it features air egress technology, allowing air bubbles to escape during the installation process.

“Since we’re racing Quantum, our most aerodynamic and lowest-weight solar car, maintaining the low drag profile as well as the small mass is important for race success,” said Pavan Naik, project manager for the University of Michigan Solar Car Team. “Thanks to the Avery Dennison vinyl wrap, we’re able to maintain the super aerodynamic body while keeping Quantum looking flashy.”

TKO Graphix installed the graphics on the car. Quantum is a three-wheeled, 320-pound car that can reach top speeds of 105 mph. It won the competition in 2012.