Audio Guru to Co-Host Mobile Solutions Subwoofer Enclosure Course

Subwoofer enclosureAndy Wehmeyer, Audiofrog president and longtime industry technical contributor, will join Mobile Solutions President Bryan Schmitt as the two host a subwoofer design and fabrication training session, July 15-18 at the Mobile Solutions classroom facility in Tempe, Arizona. The standard curriculum will be augmented to highlight the depth of experience brought by an industry veteran with expertise developed over 30 years as a retail installer, store manager, product manager and business owner.

“There is probably no one more knowledgeable about audio-and at the same time more respected by owners, technicians and even his competitors-than Andy,” said Schmitt. “In addition, he has an easy, no-ego style that both novices and seasoned veterans can relate to, and he delivers real-world advice that can immediately improve a technician’s expertise.”

The collaborative four-day, hands-on course will instruct attendees on the concept of enclosure design and how minute changes to structure, airflow, materials and placement can drastically affect output. Students will make these calculations using both calculators and computers.

Schmitt and Wehmeyer also will teach integrating enclosures with the style and function of the vehicle, highlighting time-saving techniques and expertise-building tools that epitomize Mobile Solutions courses.

Former Installer of the Year Juan Torres and frequent instructor will join the duo to provide additional insight on fabrication, panel design and unique styling options.

“In our classes, we constantly innovate to teach better performance, styling and integration techniques to proactive fabricators and technicians,” Schmitt added. “For this session, we anticipate the value of the instruction to reach an even higher level thanks to Andy’s participation.”

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