ATC Truck Covers Debuts New Bed Systems

ATC Heavy Duty Bed SystemATC Truck Covers has introduced a whole new offering of bed systems.

ATC Truck Covers has three new bed system options, including:

  • Standard Duty-The ATC Truck Covers’ Standard Duty Bed System comes with a steel framed plywood deck covered in all-weather material, 3 ½-inch steel tube side rails and bulkhead, and powder-coated steel frame and tracks
  • Heavy Duty-The ATC Heavy Duty Bed System has a steel diamond tread deck coated in LINE-X protective coatings, 3 ½-inch steel tube side rails and bulkhead, all-steel construction and reinforced track system
  • Composite-The ATC Composite Bed System is the only cargo management system with an all-fiberglass deck. This allows for lighter and smoother operation with the same weight capacity of the Standard Duty Bed System.

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