ARIES Debuts Easy-to-Ship Headache Rack

The Switchback headache rack by ARIESARIES has released a new highly functional and edgy-looking headache rack called the Switchback, according to the company. The rack is currently available for the Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon and Toyota Tacoma.

The patent-pending Switchback is lightweight, rust-free and LED-customizable. It also features a a unique construction, meant to benefit dealers and consumers alike, according to ARIES.

The Switchback headache rack is built from powder-coated aluminum to be completely resilient to rust and to complement the fuel-efficiency of today’s pickup trucks. It also features a slotted top edge for mounting LED light bars and work lights. The slotted design accommodates multiple lights and allows for easy adjustment.

The Switchback also has an edgy design with its wide, angular sides and octagonal grid center, offering an aggressive, customized look on modern truck, according to ARIES.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the Switchback is its three-piece construction. It is composed of three primary pieces-two sides and a center section. This three-piece, knockdown assembly allows the Switchback to be shipped in a smaller, more manageable box and reduces the overall cost of the product for both the dealer and consumer, according to ARIES. The three pieces bolt together with strong grade-8 hardware, and most Switchback models install into the pickup truck with the ARIES patented stake pocket clamp system.

Several more applications, including for the Ford F150 and Ram 1500, will be coming soon.

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