Apple’s Reportedly Very Serious About Making Cars. Don’t Hold Your Breath

Feb 19, 2015

The Apple rumor of the moment is that the tech giant is stretching its wings and getting into the automotive industry, according to an article in The Washington Post. Reports from the Wall Street Journal and Reuters stoked smoldering rumors that Apple is looking for a way to break into the car industry, devoting a boatload of resources to designing what the Journal called a “minivan”-like vehicle codenamed “Titan.”

“Oh sure,” a seasoned Apple watcher might say. We’ll see that Apple car on the roads, just as soon as we get those Apple televisions in our living rooms, writes The Washington Post.

In the realm of Apple vaporware, the television is legend. And the two rumors, at least on the surface, seem pretty comparable. Both markets cry out for a simple, user-friendly product that integrates hardware and software, something that Apple prides itself on being able to provide.

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