AmeriCam Unveils Vandal-Resistant Dome Camera

Oct 10, 2014

The new Sony camera chips provide 600 or 650 TVL for maximum image clarity in all lighting conditions, while a circular bank of 15 IR LEDs provide well-balanced illumination even in total darkness. Using high-speed auto white balance and auto hue and saturation, the resulting image remains sharp and clear even during rapid changes of lighting conditions. This high-speed response is particularly useful when recording in conditions that may include flashes of bright sunlight, such as those present late in the evening, or from the dazzle of other vehicle lights at night.

The fully floating Gimbal head and spring-loaded black foam light dam allow the lens to be pointed in any direction with zero IR reflection. Lens choices range from zoom to wide angle for maximum coverage. With a tough metal housing and a vandal-resistant dome, multiple mounting and cable installation options round out this highly versatile camera.

The new dome camera provides an extra layer of passenger or cargo safety and protection against insurance fraud.

AmeriCam’s range of TradeCraft security camera systems includes up to eight internal and external cameras and record between 64 and 2,000 hours of high-quality video.