Air Lift is a Company that Knows Squat

Air suspension specialist Air Lift Co. has launched a new print and digital ad campaign designed to educate drivers on the problems that vehicle squat can cause when towing or hauling heavy loads and how it can be fixed. See the company’s new video ad in the digital version of the August issue of THE SHOP magazine (video plays automatically on the cover page).

Air Lift’s air suspension kits have been engineered specifically to support vehicles that tow large trailers and haul heavy cargo, and are recognized for their ability to eliminate vehicle squat, trailer sway, rough ride and bottoming out for a safer, more stable towing experience, according to the company.

The humorous and informative campaign is intended to reach drivers with the message that squat is not normal and does not have to be a reality of towing and hauling, according to Air Lift. Produced in conjunction with Yonder, an advertising agency specializing in unique branding and advertising communications, Air Lift looks to raise awareness for the importance of towing and hauling safely.

“Our market research shows that most people don’t understand the dangers of squat when towing or hauling,” said Ryan Feyer, Air Lift’s Load Support marketing manager. “Our products eliminate squat and greatly improve ride quality when towing or hauling, all the while increasing safety. This new ad campaign is a fun way to educate drivers and increase awareness about the benefits of Air Lift air suspension kits.”

Air Lift’s “Know Squat” campaign is a nationwide digital and print campaign.

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