After Grudge Match, 43 Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Teams Prep for Championship

Aug 2, 2016

The 2016 qualifying season for the Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Challenge is now over. There now 43 teams readying themselves for the 2016 Dual National Championship happening this fall at the SEMA and PRI shows.

The last qualifying event for the 2016 season took place at the 11th Annual NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl at Joliet’s Route 66 Raceway this past weekend. Team Howards Cams, an all-girls team from Belvidere North High School, took third place with an improved time of 24:10. Coming in second place, Team Comp Cams from Burton Center for Arts & Tech enhanced its time to 22:00. Team Vibrant from C D Hylton High School took first place with an enriched time of 19:42. With these teams improving their time during competitions, they advance in the ranks of the 2016 Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Playoff Standings.

Team Mr. Gasket from Parkland College came in fifth place with a time of 27:51.

“The students work really hard to qualify for the Dual Championship this year. It feels amazing to qualify for the first year and be able to go to the SEMA Show this year,” said David Charney, coach of Ream Mr. Gasket.

Coming in seventh place, Team Aeromotive from Fremd High School qualified with a time of 29:05.

“This will be the first year out of all eight years of being involved with Hot Rodders where I will take two teams the Dual Championship,” said Coach Steve Elza from Fremd High School. These two teams now advance to the 2016 Dual Championship held later this year. To qualify, a team must tear down and rebuild the engine within thirty-four minutes.

Grudge Match

A total of seven teams competed at the 11th Annual NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl this past weekend, only the four top teams were able to advance to the first annual NMRA vs. NMCA Grudge Match.

Team Comp Cams from Burton Center for Arts & Tech took first place and got to take the NMRA vs. NMCA Grudge Match Plaque home with a time of 23:01, just 5 seconds difference from Team Speed Pro, the second place team.