Acquisition from 11 Years Ago Still Powers LIQUI MOLY Forward

One company group, two locations, two anniversaries: 60 years ago, the lubricant specialist LIQUI MOLY was founded, while MÉGUIN and its mineral oil plant is celebrating 170 years of existence in 2017.

There was a close relationship between the two independent companies of LIQUI MOLY and MÉGUIN for decades. As supplier, MÉGUIN produced the lubricants, predominantly motor oil, that LIQUI MOLY sold worldwide. In 2006, the companies combined when LIQUI MOLY took over MÉGUIN-both brand names have remained.

Since then, the company has experienced exponential growth. Between 2009 and 2016 sales increased by $307 million $587 million.

“How fit a company is, as with people, depends on the way of life and personal attitude. Those who look after their mind and body have a better chance of a long life than those who burn the candle at both ends on a daily basis,” said Ernst Prost, CEO and owner of both companies. “This enables rapid adaptability. And that’s what’s decisive for the success and continuation of a company.”

Remaining modern for both brands has meant keeping in touch with the latest trends.

“Of course, we can stand against the wind, but then the water will just lash us in the face. It is smarter to set the sails accordingly,” Prost said, citing globalization as an example: “We did not order it, but we make use of the opportunities it offers with a great deal of joy and pleasure.”

LIQUI MOLY and MÉGUIN now make up almost 800 people.

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