ACAT Global Ferrari Breaks 200-mph Mark

Sep 18, 2012

The ACAT Global Ferrari 575 broke the 200-mph mark at Bonneville Salt Flats during Bonneville Speedweek in Utah with an official speed of 200.206 mph.

Designed in conjunction with Jim Busby’s JBR Motorsports, the Ferrari 575 was equipped with ACAT’s Global’s catalytic green converter, said a press release from ACAT Global.

“It was both exciting and challenging. Dealing with the extreme conditions of the Salt Flats; the progressing through the incremental stages of the speed testing; and then finally breaking the 200-mph point-all extremely thrilling,” said driver Joe W. Moch. “We are also quite happy with the way the ACAT Global catalytic converters performed under some pretty intense situations-”these cats were clearly pushed to their limits with stellar results.”

Breaking the 200-mph mark within the Grand Touring class places the ACAT Ferrari 575 and Moch in a qualifying position for the World Speed Finals Oct. 3-6 at Bonneville, the release stated.

ACAT Global’s metallic catalytic converter substrates improve the efficiency of internal combustion engines, fuel cells and smokestacks by using an exclusive “herringbone” technology developed by Delphi/GM. The metallic substrates also double as flame/spark arrestors and reduce sound equivalent to a muffler, said an ACAT press representative.