AAM Group Adds TI Automotive Fuel Pumps

Sep 4, 2015

The AAM Group has announced the addition of TI Automotive as a vendor in its Parts Pro marketing program.

TI’s portfolio includes fuel pumps and related kits, accessories and modules that can be found on more than two-thirds of vehicles worldwide, according to a press release. The company recently began a push to gain market share in the performance aftermarket.

“We are very pleased to welcome TI Automotive to our family of performance manufacturers,” said Tim Odom, AAM president. “We believe their quality fuel pump line has excellent potential for our program warehouses and thousands of affiliated jobbers.”

With its acceptance, TI Automotive will receive representation across The AAM Group’s array of marketing tools, including the Digital Showcase online catalog, the Insight app and its Price Manager retail calculator, and the group’s full suite of digital and print media, the release noted.

“On behalf of TI Automotive, we are very excited to partner with The AAM Group,” said Michael Grimes, aftermarket sales manager. “TI Automotive products power some of the fastest production vehicles in the world, and we want to connect our OE production capabilities and expertise to the aftermarket-specifically the high-performance market. The AAM Group, with its marketing reach, will be instrumental in establishing the TI Automotive footprint while reinforcing the Walbro-to-TI Automotive brand change in the high-performance arena.”