69′ Camaro Body Central to New Season of ‘Chop Cut Rebuild’

Jul 26, 2016

A 1969 Camaro body from Real Deal Steel will be the centerpiece of the upcoming season of Chop Cut Rebuild, hosted by Dan Woods on MAV-TV.

Six of this fall’s 13 episodes will show the assembly of the all-steel body at the Real Deal Steel facility in Sanford, Florida.

The first two segments were filmed in June. In the opening episode, Woods will drive up to the shop in a gasser-style 1967 Chevy II Nova owned by Randy Irwin, co-owner of Real Deal Steel.

The Camaro body is constructed from Real Deal Steel-exclusive new steel pieces as well as select body panels from Auto Metal Direct. The body will include a popular Real Deal Steel option. The mini-tub kit that allows a 335mm-wide tire to be used without any additional cutting.

This is the second time that a Real Deal Steel body will be featured on Chop Cut Rebuild. Four years ago a 1956 Chevy convertible body from the company was featured in the show.

“Rand (Irwin) and I really enjoyed working with Dan Woods and the CCR crew four years ago when we built the 1956 convertible featured on the show,” said Joe Whitaker, co-owner of Real Deal Steel. “They know how to have fun yet remain very professional.

“We are very happy with the interest generated from new customers and dealers with our TV exposure.”