3M Introduces J3 Industries as a Training and Testing Facility

Sep 5, 2014

J3 Industries met all facility and location requirements, and offers services led by owner Jeff Wagner. Wagner holds the following credentials:

· 3M Preferred Graphics Installer
· 3M Endorsed 4-Star Vehicle Graphics Installer- 3M Graphics Authorized Trainer
· 3M Advanced Installer Training
· 3M Graphics Authorized Tester
· 3M Preferred Graphics Installer Testing
· 3M Endorsed Vehicle Graphics Installer Program Testing

Installers can now take advantage of the training and testing courses offered locally, including a three-day training taught by 3M Graphics Authorized Trainers, along with extensive, monitored hands-on practice to build and refine skills, and the option to test for one of 3M’s installer accreditations.

“We share the excitement and ambition of the installer community and their ongoing commitment to perfecting their craft,” said Dave Deiss. 3M representative. “We look forward to working with J3 Industries in their roles as our newest 3M Graphics Authorized Training & Testing Facility.”

Graphics Professionals interested in attending training or testing at J3 Industries should visit j3industries.net for details. Additional information and other 3M Authorized Training & Testing options can be found at 3Mgraphics.com/installationprograms.