2012 Nissan Rogue to offer 4-camera parking assist

With the addition of its Around View® Monitor to the 2012 Nissan Rogue SUV, drivers should be able to maneuver into parking spaces with more ease. Rogue is the first non-luxury vehicle in the United States to offer this optional four-camera feature as part of the Rogue SL package.

As more non-luxury vehicles begin to include such camera assists, aftermarket installers could see more requests from older-car owners to add such parking-assist systems to their vehicles.

Rogue's Around View® Monitor utilizes four small superwide-angle cameras mounted on the front, side mirrors and rear of the vehicle to provide a virtual 360-degree view of objects around the vehicle, helping the driver maneuver in tight spots. The system converts image data taken by the four cameras to create and display the virtual image of the vehicle from above.

The virtual overhead view makes it easy for the driver to position the vehicle for parallel parking, with the front/rear view enabling the driver to simultaneously confirm the front or rear of the vehicle. When the transmission is shifted into drive from reverse the system automatically switches to the previous screen.

By displaying the rear view and front-side view simultaneously, the driver can confirm the two most worrisome areas: the rear and front passenger side of the vehicle.  

Views shown on the split-screen display can be changed as desired through use of a button on the center console. For example, front and side or rear and side views can be shown together to help gauge the distance of the Rogue to the curb.

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