PHOTOS: The Wonderful (and Sometimes Wacky) Woodward Dream Cruise

September 1, 2017

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The Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit is known as the world’s largest one-day automotive event-drawing about 1.5 million people and 40,000 classic cars each year from around the globe, according to organizers.

Marc Rozman has made a habit of photographing the Woodward Dream Cruise for years, as well as other car shows across the region. Though he claims not to be a professional photographer, Rozman’s photos are regularly published.

Rozman served as a Chrysler Engineering mechanic for 32 years before he retired to enjoy his hobby of cars and photography.

“If there’s an automotive event, he can usually be found there bright and early and is usually the last one to leave,” according to Rozman’s bio.

Rozman’s interest in cars started at a young age when someone gave him a Hot Rod magazine. It was a thrill seeing all the colored pictures of the great cars, he said. That led to him building model cars and trying to build them to look like the pictures in the magazine and eventually working on real bikes and cars.

In 1971, Rozman’s mother bought a used Yashica Mat-124 G 2 1/4 format camera from a local photography studio where she worked. While on a family vacation out west that summer, Rozman became the family photographer and a new hobby began. He began capturing friends, their cars and high school adventures, contributing to the high school yearbook. The passion for photography lead to his father buying a used black and white developing and printing outfit. The darkroom in basement became the new hangout for Rozman, who spent hours printing photos.

Driving opened up a whole new world for Rozman, who could finally visit local car hangouts. He’d cruise the big Woodward Avenue and Gratiot Avenue, drop in on car shows, Autorama and the Auto Show. In fact, 41 years ago Rozman took his wife on their first date to the Auto Show, where she carried his camera bag through the entire show.

Rozman attended Motech, an automotive training school. After spending a year and a half in a dealership, he was finally hired by Chrysler’s engineering department as a driver mechanic.

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