Imagining the Wrangler JL in Living Color (and Accessorized)

July 26, 2017

*See some theoretical images of the accessorized Jeep JL Wrangler in the gallery above

RCH Designs, creators of the Interactive Garage Software program, are creating waves with a new passion project.

The hype, speculation and anticipation surrounding the November launch of the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL is behind this fun Interactive Garage Software initiative. To showcase the capabilities of the software, the company has created a 3D model of what they think the new Wrangler will look like. For added fun, the public can play with the 3D model by adding aftermarket accessories onto the rendering (up to 150 accessories available).

Click to try out the 3D model design tool.

“The spy shots, renderings, and mainly all the talk about what the new JL is going to look like on social media prompted us to want to take a stab at a 3D model of the vehicle so people could start building their dream JL way before it is released,” said Ryan Hagel, CEO of Interactive Garage Software. “We might be 100-percent wrong as to what the JL is going to look like, and we’re fine with that, as we are not for one second saying this IS the JL and these ARE the accessories that are available for them.

“Jeep has done a fantastic job keeping everyone in the industry on pins and needles as to how, where, when and what the vehicle is going to look like, and I just love that as it is so Apple-ish and Apple is one of my favorite brands,” Hagel added. “Why not feed off that anticipation and put out our thoughts of what this Jeep Unicorn is going to look like.”

With the popularity of the current Jeep Wrangler JK platform, it only makes sense that some of the JK products will be comparable in looks on this new Wrangler platform, according to Hagel. “Digitally we have a huge fudge factor that we can play with in creating parts for the JL, that is the beauty of our software,” he said. “We can take a current manufacturer’s part and put it out there for people to play with and see what sticks and what doesn’t-”something we think is pretty important for our vendor partners when they start producing accessories. Who doesn’t think or see that this early data of what consumers want to put on our JL could be important data?

“Our software has the ability to track every click of the consumer’s mouse as they look at this vehicle, including every part added, body colors (including our new matte and body graphic options), what product they click first, last and what stays on the vehicle when they email, print or even share their builds through our Facebook Share function,” Hagel added. “In short, we know the ins, outs, and patterns of what consumers are looking at on over 300-plus licensees running Interactive Garage Software.”

The hope is that the Jeep Wrangler JL release will somehow coincide with theSEMA Show, set for Oct. 31 to Nov. 3 in Las Vegas.

“Until then, why not have some fun with what could be a close representation of that vehicle today,” Hagel said. “I’m as tired, as most everyone else is out there, looking at the cloaked out spy shots of the JL’s posted online. So, let’s build up some ultimate JLs on Interactive Garage Software. I personally will have the Hood Horn and the FabFours Mohawk on mine.”

For more information about the Interactive Garage Software program, contact Hagel at [email protected].

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