‘Youth is Served’ at Goodguys 20th Summer Get-Together

May 28, 2013

The Goodguys 20th Summer Get-Together presented by Specialty Sales Classics will feature new event activities for youth.

The event will take place from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on June 1-2 at Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton, Calif.

Headlining the activity is the new Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Challenge event.

Held for the first time ever at a Goodguys event, the challenge is a timed competition between two high school teams to see which one can tear down and rebuild a V-8 Chevy engine the fastest, according to Goodguys.

“Youth will be served indeed,” said Goodguys President Marc Meadors. “We’re excited to offer these new event activities for younger car enthusiasts at the Summer Get-Together. The beauty of a Goodguys Get-Together event format featuring all years, makes and models of show cars is it appeals to many different generations. You’ve got high school kids and grandpa’s showing off cars and enjoying the atmosphere together.”

The Goodguys 20th Summer Get-Together will have live music from the Diablo Valley College “Rhythm, Rock & Blues Review.”

The live stage performance features 25 bands comprised of music students from Concord’s Junior College.

Various genres are represented including rock, jazz, Motown, doo wop and country western. T

he bands will play live from 11am-4pm Saturday June 1st.

Other special attractions during the weekend include a special “Muscle-Palooza” exhibit inside the Young California Building featuring various styles and genres of Detroit Muscle Cars from the 1960s through contemporary favorites.

Inside the Hall of Commerce building will be a special exhibit of more than 50 handmade bicycles from the South Bay’s Behind Bars Inc. bicycle shop.

In addition, the Goodguys AutoCross competition will feature hundreds of cars competing on the timed course during the weekend in five different competition divisions.

The usual Goodguys gear head fare will be served up including the popular swap meet & cars-for-sale-corral as well as a bevy of manufacturer’s exhibits, special parking areas and more.

The two-day festival is expected to attract over 2,500 cars as well as a crowd in excess of 50,000.

General admission is $17, the cost for kids ages 7-12 is $6, and fairgrounds parking is $8.

Tickets can be purchased at www.good-guys.com or at the event.