Wrappers as the ‘new painters’

Dec 3, 2009

During this economic recession, it has been generally opined that wrapping is down like many other areas of business. In order to combat this notion, wrap professionals are taking strides to promote their shops uniquely and effectively.

“For our external clients we are marketing ourselves in different ways with new company wraps, incentives for our fleet customers, and we are now offering consultations to our potential clients,” says Smyrna, Ga.-based Color Spot’s Mike Feldberg. “We show them how effective vehicle wraps and advertising through tough economic times can help generate awareness for their company and create revenues despite what is occurring in the economy. With our internal customers (employees) we rely on our director of operations, Justin Merletti, to keep our costs down and staff motivated.”

Pricing is certainly a concern with most buyers on the market, so one has to consider the costs associated with wraps products and services. Though, it may not be a smart idea to simply hit rock bottom immediately.

“During tough times, prices have to be constant,” says Jeff Chudoff of Arizona Designs, Maple Shade, N.J. “Once the market runs like a scared herd of impalas and lowers their prices, it’s hard to raise the benchmark. What keeps us successful is the quality of design and installation.”

Even manufacturers have developed plans to stay competitive during this downturn. Applied Coatings International had the idea to expand its customer base with a tailored campaign.

Because we are a start-up, our challenge is not declining sales due to recession; it’s a relentless push of our marketing message to wrap/PPF shops to expand their business model to add FLX-Paint wraps,” says Chris Harren of Applied Coatings International, Claremore. Okla. “The basic premise of our marketing message is: Wrappers and PPF installers are the new painters.”

Hopefully you are not seeing a detrimental effect on your business due to the current economy. However, if you are feeling a little squeeze, try tweaking a couple of items in your business plan. You may even open up a few opportunities for new business.