Why Your Business Still Needs a Website in the Social Media Age

Oct 11, 2011

Many small business owners think if they have a presence on social media sites like Facebook, they don’t need to have their own website.

Though Facebook can provide a quick, easy web presence to shops not ready to develop their own sites, your business could be missing out on so many of the marketing and branding benefits the web has to offer if your web presence relies on social media alone, according to a recent article from Entrepreneur.com contributor Mikal E. Belicove.

“You know you must leverage Facebook, Twitter and word-of-mouth marketing to increase awareness of your brand,” he wrote. “But the fact is websites remain infinitely more popular with consumers than all of the business pages on social media sites combined.”

Belicove cited a recent Global Web Index report that found 22 percent of those of us online in the United States visited a social media site like Facebook while 62 percent of regularly visit branded websites to support his belief that small businesses still need websites.

“If you were starting to let your site become outdated or haggard, consider a refresh,” he wrote. “After all, as these figures note, websites still matter.”

Belicove listed five ways websites offer more value to small businesses than social media-branding, IT and engineering jurisdiction, content, search engine optimization, and analytics.

All this boils down to operating your own website means you have more control over the information it presents and can collect more data on the people who visit your site so you can best target your content to potential customers and ring up more sales.

“Don’t think for a moment that I’m suggesting you drop social media in favor of your own website,” he wrote. “What I’m advocating is that you lead first with your website, followed by leveraging social, e-mail marketing, point of purchase, mobile, apps and other forms of marketing and outreach to drive traffic to your website where you can generate qualified leads who convert to paying customers.”

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