Why It’s Important to Ask Employees for Ideas

Sep 30, 2014

“When equipment arrives, why don’t we attach a green tag to the pick up document so the person who picks up the equipment can tag it immediately rather than waiting for the tech to complete the process?”

Result: Improved turnaround time, and saved a step for tech. Built employee engagement because an employee’s idea was implemented.

“We can have train a team of four people ready to jump in and help whenever we have trouble locating a part. Our office manager can be part of that team.”

Result: The office manager was the one who located a part the fastest. The practice continues to work.

“We can create a problem resolution report. Whenever a problem occurs, and it is resolved, we can make a quick report. Once a month, management reviews these reports and discuss what they need to change. Then, we can share these with other branches as best practices.

Result: Fewer complaints, improved productivity and improved morale from executives applauding how individuals solved problems.

“Everyone raves about our coffee. We can sell our coffee in retail stores.”

Result: The jury’s out. Let’s see if McDonalds can make it happen.”

“How about a game where angry birds can crash into pigs?”

Result: One of the top paid apps of all time.

“I use a little paper with an adhesive for my hymn-book.”

Result: Post-it Stickies.

“If we want to draw more women to our auto repair business, we should hold a ‘Lunch for Ladies Day.’ If they have service done on that day they not only get lunch but 10% off on auto repair.”

Result: The event was so successful the car count for the day went up like crazy. Many agreed to bring their car back sometime in the next three days, with coupon in hand.”

“If we want to increase traffic in our furniture store, let’s have a free

‘Improve your Room Layout for Free With Any Purchase Weekend.’”

Result: The designers had people lined up, the store sold a great deal of expensive accessories, sofas, chairs and lamps.

Want to improve employee motivation? Just asking for input is motivating in and of itself. You may not use every idea, just be sure to thank the employee.