Where to Find a Manager for Your Shop

Dec 3, 2012

As your business grows, the demands of working on projects, communicating with customers, maintaining relationships with suppliers and keeping the books balanced can be too much for one person.

If you find yourself in this position, now may be the time to bring on a manager to shoulder some of the responsibility, according to Maria Valdez Haubrich, who recently covered the topic for Network Solutions.

“Delegating to managers is tough for many small business owners, but when your business gets this big, you really have no choice,” Valdez Haubrich wrote.

She shared these three potential sources you can investigate when searching for a manager.

Family ties. “If you haven’t hired any family members yet, give it some thought,” she wrote. “As your business expands, now could be the time to make sure it stays “all in the family” by bringing relatives on board.”

Promote from within. “Depending on the size of your company, you may have someone on your team already who could handle this new management role,” Valdez Haubrich wrote. “Promoting from within not only rewards deserving employees for their hard work and loyalty, but also sends a message to your other employees that ‘If you work hard, you, too, can get promoted.'”

Look outside. “The days of just placing a want ad in the paper are long gone-you can now find candidates more easily (and learn more about them) through social networks,” she wrote. For example, use LinkedIn and Twitter to seek out people who shine in your industry and who might be interested in switching jobs.”

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